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More than just a content writer.
I write a lot and have a very good eye for mistakes in written text, having spent a good chunk of my career as a staff editor. I can spot a double space at twenty paces and can write precise copy to fit any space. In this area I have had a lot of experience. Being a good writer helps my design work to stay precise and spelling and grammatical mistakes in my work are extremely rare. Not only that but I can write in a number of different styles, and in character, which can be useful in certain situations.

Magazine work:
Editor and Publisher of Practical Visual Nihilism Magazine - self-published 2017 to the present.
Editor of Sludgefeast Magazine - self-published 1990 to the present.
of PC Power, CD-ROM User & PC Kids for Paragon Publishing.
Reviews Editor, News Editor & Website Editor of PC Zone for Dennis Publishing.
Launch Editor of PC Gear for Dennis Publishing.
Deputy Editor of PC Player and Staff Writer of Super Control for Maverick Magazines.
Writer & Contributor to many magazines and websites, including: Seethru, Escape, PC Pro, Computer Shopper,
Kidz Biz, and others long since forgotten.
Independent software evaluator for THQ.

Online work:
Writer & Blogger for a variety of different websites, including: <<< click here to visit site.

The King of Grabs at
Writer for a variety of other websites and companies too.
Editor of the official Maxim Magazine Website for Dennis Interactive Ltd.
Writer and designer for for World Productions Ltd.


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Above: Dark Reign II: "Above is an article I wrote in 1998 for PC Zone magazine, Dennis Publishing."

Below: PC Zone review: "This review caught PC Zone magazine (which I worked on) at it's peak. It was printed in MCV in 1998.
PC Zone was arguably one of the best-written and funniest magazines in the entire country around this time, with an excellent
editorial and freelance team comprising of: Mark Higham, Jeremy Wells, Phil Clark, me, Steve Hill, Charlie Brooker, David McCandless,
Phil Wand, Paul Presley - among others. As anyone involved will attest: it was a brilliant and energetic time.
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Featured Articles : PC Zone Supertests
The Supertest has always been a feature of note in PC Zone - not only for the crazy photo spreads,
but also for the amount of swearing they managed to cram into six or eight pages. It was pretty
groundbreaking for a computer games magazine...

I've always preferred the printed versions - mostly because the writer was able to distil the best parts from
the conversation and present a discussion between four or six (or more) people in a more coherent and
interesting manner, than simply listening to people talk. Not that current Zone Supertests aren't any
good - they're still great and retain the edge they've always had - though it's always better to see the team
members making tits of themselves, than not. I've always said: if it gets a laugh - it's worth it.

Like any feature in a magazine: Supertests have their cost, and when you look at some of the costumes and
locations we used you can see that some were fairly expensive to produce. Fair play to Mark Higham and
Tim Ponting for seeing their value and allowing us to spend money getting drunk and being idiots, and to
Jeremy Wells, Chris Anderson, Dave Woods and others for coming up with ideas.

In terms of my involvement: from issue 74 (the first Supertest with a photo spread) to issue 95 (RPG Supertest),
a period of around two years, I wrote and organised a good 70-80% of them. Any chance to get in front of
a camera! Actually I thought that the Supertests were a top laugh, and were avidly read, and knew that
making a tit out of myself in front of a camera was the way ahead.

Scroll down to see a selection of classic PC Zone Supertest moments...
Below: Strategy game supertest photo - shot by my good friend Simon Clay
Despite the stern faces we had a top laugh shooting these photos...
Below: PCZ#74. A rare Brooker & Macca appearance. I think it was because there was beer on offer.
If I remember rightly this was shot in one of our favourite boozers - The Yorkshire Gray.
This was the first Supertest to feature a team photo spread.
Below: PCZ#76. Chris Anderson pointing the finger again. Which he was very good at incidentally. The tit. Anyway...
This one was shot at The Playing Fields (I think). The Budvar has fogged my memory...
Below: PCZ#77. Brooker barking. As usual. Another Playing Fields photo shoot...
Below: PCZ#83. This is the proper layout of the shot above. Came out a bit too dark on the page methinks...
Below: PCZ#85. Another great shoot by Simon Clay - shot in a posh car garage in Fulham - The Garage On The Green.
Below: PCZ#90. My favourite Supertest photo shoot. I took Hugh Threlfall's excellent photo into Photoshop and hand-
painted all the zombieness - believe it or not: with a mouse! I was very proud of the result.
Below: PCZ#86. This was a tough one to arrange - twelve people in a court room scene for the special Millennium issue.
Of course I made it look easy by organising the whole thing, and Phil Clark did a good job comping it in Photoshop.
Phil Ward is credited as photographer, but I vaguely recall Simon Clay as shooting the courtroom scene. No Brooker though.
Below: PCZ#70. Not a Supertest, but a feature about gaming obsessives. I was the only one on the PC Zone team
secure enough to drop my kecks for this photograph. Simon Clay shot it in the PC Zone toilets on Bolsover
Street. And yes - I was bollock naked under that laptop! Realism counts!
Below: PCZ#79. There's a trend appearing here. Bars. We spent a lot of time in them. As this Supertest again shows.
Below: This was a strange one. We shot this in a church in East London. On the day the banter was, well, how should I put it:
a little too cocky and tiny bit blasphemous. When the magazine came back from the printers and it was clear that one half of the
image had slipped down the page in error (that's Dan Emery and Mallo hiding underneath the words "God Games") we all looked
at it in shock. Unsurprisingly: none of us ever blasphemed in church again... PCZ#81.
Below: (Left to right, top to bottom): Dan Emery as the warrior woman; Chris Anderson as himself; Martin Korda as the true
warrior he is; Mark Hill as the dandy bard; Mallo as the thief, and Dave Woods as the dwarf. Love the goblin hoards... PCZ#95.
Below: This was shot by Phil Ward deep within The London Dungeons. Presley, Korda, Pullin, Hill and Mallo. PCZ#92.
Below: Ah yes, this was the Supertest shot at Wandy's place. The entire Zone team decamped to castle Wand for a superb
day of online shooting. Wandy's excellent hosting skills, plus a raft of decent shooters (Quake III, Unreal Tournament, AvP,
Starseige Tribes and Team Fortress Classic were the games played) made it a memorable event in PC Zone history. PCZ#87.
Below: Another memorable shoot - this time taking place on Muswell Hill and featuring automatic weapons. The shoot was
most notable for the constant smell of dog shit, and not knowing where it was coming from, and an appearence by the police.
This Supertest was printed in PC Zone #82 - November 1999 (7 years ago - yikes!) but was shot at the end of the summer.
Below: PCZ#88. Another far-out shoot from Simon Clay. Featuring Steve Hill, Richie, Prezzer, Mallo and Korda.
Below: PCZ#89. Clockwise left to right: Chris Anderson, Martin Korda, Andrew Wright, Mark Hill, Dan Emery and Mallo.
Below: I didn't appear in this Supertest - never was a big enough fan of football games.
To show I'm not bitter: here it is for posterity... It appeared in PCZ#91.
More soon...
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