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Ultima Underworld: one of the greatest, most involving, most open-ended, most enjoyable and most influential role-playing games ever made.
FULL GAME TITLE: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
DEVELOPED BY: Blue Sky Productions
PUBLISHED BY: Origin Systems
RELEASED: March 1992
INFLUENCED: Immersive action gaming and role-playing
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There is little more frustrating for a writer than having an abundance of exceptional material and only a relatively small space in which to print it. When we began researching our Games That Changed The World feature we quickly realised that, inevitably, we would have to cut out some great stuff to make the article fit into four pages in the magazine. So, in order to bring you the full, unexpurgated version of events surrounding the extraordinary story of the development of Ultima Underworld, we have assembled this exclusive supplementary package - containing UNCUT interviews from three key members of the Ultima Underworld team. I'm sure you'll agree they are well worth reading.
Paul Mallinson

PLEASE NOTE: These interviews, which I conducted myself in February 2002, were originally published in PC Zone magazine - and also in full on the cover-mounted disc. Since I still had the files I thought I'd put them up here on

Ultima Underworld interviews by Mallo