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Christine: "Happy, Grateful, Aware is about my life and myself. But it could be about anyone's life, really. I think there are days when you stop in wonder a bit more than other days. This was a day like that. So on one hand it's true, and on the other hand it's a bit ironic. Because I knew I was a bit pathetic when I wrote it."

Happy, Grateful, Aware
Written by Christine Sandtorv
Duration 3:33

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Christine: "Saddest Day is about two of my friends, a boy and a girl. They were a couple, but she ended it. The day it happened was just the saddest day ever imagined. But actually the song should have one more verse, because now they are a couple again, and this time I think it’ll last forever!"
Saddest Day
Written by Christine Sandtorv
Duration 3:26

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Inger Lise: "Perfect is a song about two good friends of mine. A love story with a sad ending. I was very sorry for both of them, and it affected me to write this song. Sometimes good friendships and brilliant relationships get ruined by small, meaningless, stupid things... and that's what this song is about."
Written by Inger Lise Størksen
Duration 2:46

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